AW109 Trekker


The AW109 Trekker is the new multi-role helicopter developed to provide the perfect solution for the most challenging missions in a variety of roles. Productiveness is guaranteed by outstanding performance, payload and a wide cabin space that enables quick role changes. The helicopter is ideally suited to a wide range of missions that require best-in-class lifting capability, alongside superior range and performance.

Executive and private transport

The AW109 Trekker combines excellent performance, the latest technology and high safety standards to provide customers an ideal combination of comfort and capabilities. The finest materials and the highest levels of craftsmanship give the helicopter a unique style and ensure passengers a pleasant journey.

Medical and Rescue Services

The AW109 Trekker is ideally suited to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Search and Rescue (SAR) missions and para-public applications. Excellent Category A Class 1 performance capabilities ensure the AW109 Trekker can safely take-off and land from even very small areas. Best-in-class payload and performance facilitate fast and safe response to incidents whilst a spacious cabin provides an effective environment for efficient patient care.

Security Services

The AW109 Trekker is ideally suited for Patrol, Surveillance, Para-public and Police missions. Its operational capability day and night in the harshest environments, combined with high levels of safety, controllability and maneuverability, ensure success across the spectrum of security operations, helping keep the public safe.


The AW109 Trekker is the ideal solution for utility and aerial applications. Outstanding controllability, maneuverability and power margin ensure high level of safety in aerial work whilst the best-in-class sling load capacity even in ‘hot and high’ conditions maximises mission effectiveness.

AW109 Trekker / Avionics

  • VHF-radio station /radio compass1 & 2
  • VHF/ FM radio station
  • VHF/UHF – AM/FM radio station
  • HF radio station
  • IRIDIUM satellite connection
  • communication system 1 pilot / 2 pilot
  • LCD display EADI / EHSI NAV artificial gyro horizon/ course system
  • ADI
  • Gyroscopic heading system
  • Gyro horizon (N1 & N2)
  • Air conditioner (2 inverters)
  • Autopilot 3 axis duplex
  • Long-range compass radio ADF
  • Transponder
  • Radio range finder DME
  • Lighthouse marker
  • LCD display 2 pilots EADI / EHSI NAV gyro horizon / course system
  • Stabilization and auto-trimming system
  • Radio altimeter
  • Duplicate radio altimeter
  • Emergency satellite search system – radio beacon E.L.T.
  • GPS navigation system with multi-mode display EHSI
  • Active weather radar with indication on the LCD display
  • Navigation system Moving map
  • Management M oving map
  • Passive weather radar
  • Airborne warning system TAS
  • Instrument flight lighting (indoor and outdoor)
  • Autopilot function – auto return
  • Automatic flight data recording system CVR / FDR (cockpit voice & flight data recorder)
  • FLIR

AW109 Trekker / Specifications

Internal loads     2850/3000 kg
External loads     3000 kg
Empty helicopter weight     1590 kg
Powerplant (PWC206C)
Maximum takeoff power     640 h.p.
Maximum extended power     567 h.p.
Transmission power
Maximum takeoff power     9 00 h.p.
Maximum extended power     900 h.p.
Fuel capacity
3-cell fuel system     605 L
4-cell fuel system     699 L
5-cell fuel system     835 L
Pilot/ Passengers 1 / 7      
Flight performance (ISA, 2550 kg / 5622 lb )
Maximum speed VNE (S.L.)     311 km / h
Maximum cruising speed ( S . L .)     285 km / h
Rate of climb (S.L.)     9.8 m/sec
HIGE (ISA, MGW)     5059 m
HOGE (ISA, MGW)     3596 m
Service ceiling     >3993 m
Maximum flight range (5-cell fuel system)     948 km
Endurance: 4h 51 min