The AW119Kx is the first light single-engine helicopter to meet all IFR standards and offers modern avionics suite and a spacious interior to enable flexibility in role. Operators worldwide benefit from the highest productivity levels among single-engine helicopters, combined with the safety provided by redundancy of main systems, as well as payload and performance at the top of its category.

Executive and Private Transport
The AW119Kx represents the perfect balance between power and style and offers customers a unique combination of cost-effectiveness, high speed and unrivalled comfort. The stylish and flexible interior has been developed to ensure that passengers have a safe and memorable journey, whilst the cockpit and cabin separation maximises privacy.

Medical and Rescue Services
The AW119Kx delivers outstanding controllability and maneuverability, even in ‘hot and high’ conditions. Ideally-suited for Emergency Medical Services (EMS)/rescue missions due to its performance and capacity, it retains features typical of a light twin-engine such as redundancy of all critical systems, whilst the high endurance and long range allow operators to respond quickly to incidents.

Security Services
The AW119Kx offers Law Enforcement and Government Agency customers a cost-effective, highly productive platform with inherent mission flexibility. The high cruise speed assures quick operational intervention and the excellent performance characteristics allow the helicopter to safely operate in the most demanding environments.

The AW119Kx features a wide and flexible cabin to cater for all situations. High power margins enable safe operations in the most demanding environments typical of utility operations. With a variety of options for role equipment, the helicopter has an extended operating envelope and is characterized by exceptional cargo flexibility.

AW119Kx / Avionics

  • 3-axis autopilot
  • ELT
  • Garmin G100H (TM) Integrated Flight Deck
  • 2 Liquid Crystal display
  • Ground Collision Warning System
  • Combined with the safety provided by redundancy of main systems

AW119Kx / Specifications


Internal loads     2850 Kg
External loads     3150 Kg
Empty helicopter weight     1483 Kg
Powerplant (Pratt & Whitney PT6B-37A)
Maximum takeoff power     1002 h.p.
Maximum extended power     872 h.p.
Transmission power
Maximum takeoff power     917 h.p.
Maximum extended power     900 h.p.
Fuel capacity
3-cell fuel system     605 L
4-cell fuel system     711 L
5-cell fuel system     870 L
Pilot/ Passengers 1 / 7      
Flight performance (ISA, 2850 kg / 5622 lb )
Maximum speed VNE (S.L.)     282 km / h
Maximum cruising speed ( S . L .)     256 km / h
Rate of climb (S.L.)     9.4 m/sec
HIGE (ISA, MGW)     3352 m
HOGE (ISA, MGW)     2225 m
Service ceiling     >4572 m
Maximum flight range (5-cell fuel system)     954 km
Endurance: 5h 20 min